Our Philosophy and Mission

Positron was founded in June 2005 by Tim Baldridge in order to fill a need he saw in the film-editing industry for an affordable, capable Non-Linear Editor that any high-end user can afford. The response from the community was overwhelming - not only did they wholeheartedly encourage the project, they also willingly gave ideas and volunteered their help. Robert Holcomb and Michael Thorn quickly joined the project as developer and webmaster, followed shortly by Daniel Cook and Paul Unterweiser. Martin Wacker joined in late July as another developer. Since then, the project has taken off and is looking forward to many exciting developments in the future!

Positron is geared towards replacing software such as Avid®, Apple's Final Cut Pro®, and Discreet's Flame®. It is engineered to meet the needs of professional editors working in studios with high-end equipment, but does not exclude home video makers using their own machines. Positron should just run more slowly, but will still be stable.

current highlights

July 15th
Version 1.0.0 released!